read moreYou may be shocked to believe that it’s possible to make gains 365 days a year but you can prove it to yourself with our crazy "Offer You Can’t Refuse" to test-drive the ENTIRE first phase of our brand new Hypertrophy M.A.X. Monthly Series — the first and only pro-created system offering 12 unique hypertrophy models and elite monthly coaching — with everything shipped to your front door!

Your preparation for Hypertrophy M.A.X. begins the moment you sign up. Hypertrophy M.A.X. is going to be, by far, the biggest training challenge of your life, so it makes sense to lay the groundwork with our "Pause & Prime" Preparatory Phase. This will set your body up for explosive over the next 12 months by destroying crappy movement patterns with our breakthrough "Pause & Prime" protocol, the cornerstone of the Primer workouts.

Before Phase 1 arrives at your front door you’ll learn how to access a full and maximum range of motion for your body. Each body has a correct biomechanical range of motion that must be utilized under some varying degree of tension to ensure all muscle fibers and motor units are stimulated to maximize the growth potential of the muscle.  In layman’s terms: The Primer Workouts are designed to set the stage for balanced muscle growth by stimulating a muscle at all points along its predetermined range of motion with maximum tension. When you carefully adhere to the Primer Workouts we set forth, you’ll learn how to eliminate momentum (i.e. fools’ gold) until your body only knows the absolute perfect movement patterns, growth will be 100% under your conscious control, and it will seem like you can pack on slabs of lean muscle at will  The Primer Phase also includes detailed nutritional guidelines to accompany your workouts until Phase 1 makes a thud on your front doorstep! And for everyone who picks up the Phase 1 Starter Kit, we’re going to GIVE YOU instant digital access to the Primer Phase for FREE.

  After tomorrow, however, the The Primer Phase will never be made available again, even to buy.  The ONLY way you can get a jump start on Phase 1 is by signing up for the Phase 1 Starter Kit during this limited time member invite. 

We’re currently assembling all of the video footage from Ben Pakulski’s sold-out 5-Day Hypertrophy M.A.X. Muscle Camp in Australia. This is NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage that each attendee paid $2,400!

Yes, you read that correctly: $2,400 for Ben’s newest muscle building, fat loss, supplement and contest prep secrets. Plus, you’ll get access to the 12 exclusive workouts Ben took attendees through.

Not only will this information DOUBLE YOUR RESULTS but it’ll inspire you to work your hardest and be your best. And for everyone who sticks with Hypertrophy M.A.X. until Phase 2, we’re going to GIVE it to you for FREE.

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and said, "Why am I not growing fast enough?" or "Why have I stopped growing even though I’m training my butt off?" then keep reading to find out exactly WHY even the most intense efforts and best technique can’t seem to get you past where you currently are.

Hi. My name is Vince Del Monte, the man who was once destined to be remembered as “Skinny Vinny.” But that seems like a lifetime ago. Now I’m coined the “skinny guy savior” and have become famous for building myself from that thin, scrawny, sickly-looking runner, into a pro-fitness author and muscle-building authority who’s helped over 100,000 skinny guys and gals in more than 123 different countries since 2006.  

Eighteen months ago I decided it was time to take my physique to a new level so I went on a quest to hunt down the brightest bodybuilder in the world to be MY personal coach. After watching dozens of pro bodybuilding DVD’s I was about to give up from hearing “Do this because it works for me…” a million times. I finally found IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Benjamin Pakulski who I coined “the master molder.” In 18 short months… Read more…



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