Freak – Sons of Strength

Freak - Sons Of Strength

read moreAnd you’ve come to the right place. We know exactly why you’ve come here and what it is that you’re looking for. 

In the beginning, the mere sight of the iron created serious muscle growth. Increasing strength and building muscle was a piece of cake. It was a freaky and magical period where everything came easily, no matter what you ate or what set and repetition schemes you followed. 

Those 30 pounds of muscle that you put on at the start are difficult to maintain, let alone improve upon. Every workout feels like a dog fight leaving you battered and bruised but without any muscle to show for it. You’re on a plateau as big as the Tibetan. 

At this point, you think you’ve tried it at all; from the works of legendary coaches like Gironda, Poliquin, Simmons and Tate to methods that have stood the test of time like GVT, Sets to Failure, Clusters, and Giant Sets. That’s just cracking the surface. 

Every diet and training protocol leaves you spinning your wheels and even more desperate to find the solution. 

Not so fast. Before you start blaming your genetics and believe you’ve reached your muscular potential already, you are going to want to hear this. 

It just so happens that we are giving up our family’s best-kept secret on how to build so much muscle, it’s freaky. 

We, too, were once at the crossroads where you currently stand. We were completely lost without a muscle map at our disposal. We were beyond frustrated and ready to accept our fate of minimum muscular potential.

And we’re ready to expose these exact cutting-edge tactics to build more muscle than you ever thought possible. 

If you’re like us, which we have a strong feeling you are, you’ve come to realize that building muscle is much easier said than done. In theory, hypertrophy is simple. Eat in a caloric surplus and increase strength with mainly multi-compound lifts and some isolation work. 

That is until you do exactly that and you get absolutely nowhere. Despite adding pounds to all your major lifts and eating 500 calories above your maintenance, you only gain a small amount of muscle within a 6 month period. 

You start to get nervous and question everything you’ve ever done. It sure is a scary feeling. Hell, it could make you even want to quit.  

Everything you’ve learned up until this point about building muscle was wrong. Those programs didn’t necessarily lie to you but they certainly did not tell you the whole story. 

But we are here to tell you that you still have a ton of muscular potential that is waiting to be unlocked. There is so much muscle growth that you are leaving on the table. It’s yours, up for grabs. 

Once Norman said he wanted to put on the mass, our eyes lit up. After applying the training methods and nutrition strategies in this program, he achieved some serious results. Just take a look at those transformation photos. 

Norman arrived at 19 pounds heavier while actually getting leaner. Now that’s just freaky to go from 193 to 212 pounds and reduce your body fat percentage. 

“Throughout the SOS program, I saw lots of progress and the different phases definitely kept my motivation up.”

Dan’s results speak for themselves. Just take a look at that transformation picture. All he needed was the right training methods and nutrition protocol to develop some insane muscle. Dan executed and unleashed his inner freak. The rest is history.

“By full utilizing the program, mentoring and fantastic coaching, I have achieved new levels of fitness.”

We are going to breakdown the 3 obstacles you will face when it comes to maximal muscle growth and exactly how you can overcome them.

The game of building muscle is more than adding pounds to the bar, chasing PRs, and increasing your strength. The two are not completely interchangeable. 

Progressive overload is a foundational requirement for muscular growth. Increasing intensity over time will ensure that continual tension is being placed on the targeted muscles. Hence, forcing them… Read more…

Freak - Sons Of Strength
Freak - Sons Of Strength
Freak - Sons Of Strength
Freak - Sons Of Strength
Freak - Sons Of Strength

Freak - Sons Of Strength

Freak - Sons Of Strength

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