25 Magical Manipulations For Your Health

read moreMy name is Vladimir Yachmennikov. Over 30 years ago I have graduated from the Saratov Medical University (Russia). Presently I live and work in the USA.

When I started my medical career I was not always satisfied with the traditional treatments results obtained in the medical institutions.

Some cases could hardly be treated with the regular and generally accepted methods. Besides, most drugs do have side effects, especially the drastic ones.

Even back then I started my search for alternative methods. Soon I have discovered an excellent treatment method, which exists for over several thousands of years – the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I’ve gone through some training on it in my local medical university, got the Certificate and started out my private medical practice. I could not have believe my own eyes. Patients, who have been suffering from various diseases for the years and had no results being treated by the conventional methods, got completely well after 8-10 treatments sessions by using this method.

Back at that time I have suffered from serious illness by myself called lumbar spinal osteochondrosis. Being aided by my wife, I have gone through a self treatment course. Since that time (it was over 20 years ago) my back got rid off of all the pain.

In the past I had to squat every time I needed to lift something up. Today I have long forgotten about all such precautions. My spine is perfectly well!

Besides, I got myself a weight and a bench to go with it for my workouts. Couple of times a week I do the weight lifting exercises and not even once had my back troubled me during them ever since.

So, what this magical method is all about? My dear readers, I will not get you into various complex medical details, but will try to explain it in simple terms.

What are a reflexology or health treatment using reflexes? Here is a simple example of it. Took a deep breath and then blew the air someone into the eye. They will blink!

If you do that for 100 times, they will blink 100 times. And they cannot help it as it is their inborn reflex!

Indeed, we have great number of reflexes. The first one we use right after our birth is the sucking. As soon as the baby feels a pacifier or its mother’s breast nipple in his mouth, he starts sucking on it. As soon as the baby gets milk in his mouth, he swallows it. And that is a reflex also called swallowing.

Just recall how your neurologist has knocked your knee by the little rubber hammer. Your leg would jump up. It is another reflex we have.

The entire human body is penetrated by reflexes. And there are certain body zones and spots, which are directly connected to the inner organs.

Now, if you know this correlation, you can easily evoke such things in a human body as immediate upset stomach or lessen the pain, edema or inflammation in any body organ or body part.

That is all there is to reflexotherapy – you simply affect certain spots and zones on your body to evoke the desired reaction in the internal organs.

I was very surprised to read all these magics and could not believe that something so simple could do such a lot of good. Kara McKelamy, Florida, USA

Your book is excellent and valuable. Very simple and understanding the presentation style captivating. Thank you for expanding our horizons. Paul Greichen, Melbourne, Australia

I am very grateful to him for the simple, honest and easy ways of self help to keep a baseline of good health. Many Thanks! Zemfira Yagubov, Azerbaijan

The manipulations Vladimir shares in this health book are so incredibly simple, but it is very useful and helpful information he provides. Thanks Vladimir! Alex Fishman, Russia

I do not withhold any of my secrets. I share some simple hints on self help or helping others with everyone of my patient, which have to be known by anyone who cares about the wellbeing of people around them.

All such hints are easy to remember and to apply. In this book I will share… Read more…

25 Magical Manipulations For Your Health
25 Magical Manipulations For Your Health
25 Magical Manipulations For Your Health
25 Magical Manipulations For Your Health
25 Magical Manipulations For Your Health

25 Magical Manipulations For Your Health

25 Magical Manipulations For Your Health

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