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read moreIf you’re a Skinny Fat guy looking to Finally find something that actually works for your unique body type…

Then pay close attention to this entire letter (which may not be up for long) because I’ve got something very special for you (especially if… like most Skinny Fat guys… you’ve had trouble gaining muscle before).

I guess I’m what you would consider to be a fitness expert who specializes in helping Skinny Fat guys finally rid themselves of embarrassing body fat while packing on ungodly amounts of muscle.

I was fed up with being shucked aside and thoroughly disrespected by other men… and practically spit on by hot, attractive women.

I got to the point where something had to change in my life because I just couldn’t flippin take it anymore anymore…

I went to the bookstore and bought a book on bodybuilding… but… when I got it home and cracked the cover… It read like a scientific manual on how to build a rocket ship to mars only a 10th level NASA engineer could understand!

Hiring a personal trainer who… when looking back on it now… was actually in WORSE physical shape than I was at the time.

Mowing down on several thousands of calories a day like a deranged garbage disposal on speed might work for the average skinny guy…

Then… Right as I was ready to give in on my dream of a beach worthy body forever… Something inside of me snapped. I physically couldn’t make myself quit. The fire was lit and no matter how hard I wanted too… I just couldn’t put it out.

You know… the whole “shrink wrap” effect where they kept their size but their skin wrapped tightly against their freakishly huge muscles.

There are a handful of underground natural bodybuilders that have a completely different approach to building size, strength and a body that demands respect and gets noticed.

It took A LOT of digging to figure out their jealously guarded secrets but when I did… The results were absolutely stunning.

Now I did have to make some SERIOUS adjustments to what I learned from the naturals to get it to work for my unique Skinny Fat body type but the underlying principals are what allowed me to go from Skinny Fat to Ripped & Jacked.

It’s a whole big world out there my friend and when you get this thing handled (which you absolutely can with the right information) opportunities… that were previously welded shut… suddenly open themselves up to you in very unexpected ways.

Recognizing all the garbage, misinformation and lies out there on the net… I decided to start sort of a… hobby website I ran in my spare time where Skinny Fat guys could go to get some real answers that work for our unique body type because…

Fast forward to a little over a year later and now thousands of Skinny Fat guys visit my site each month.

And now… after many people have been tugging on me for the last year… I’ve decided to create a COMPLETE program… that gets straight to how to drop embarrassing body fat and build a strong, powerful body… For Us.

The great thing is… Once you have the right information… you actually have an advantage over the other guys in the gym. You see… if you were severely overweight then you would have to worry about losing a lot of fat before you could even think about building muscle. That takes months, sometimes even years to accomplish (some of you reading this right now know exactly what I’m talking about).

If you’re a super skinny guy with a lightning fast metabolism, then you would have to eat a ridiculous amount of food and cross your fingers and hope you don’t balloon up and gain a massive amount of fat along the way.

Once you discover the hard earned diet and exercise secrets I show you in this program… You will arrive at a nice trim, muscular, beach worthy body faster than everyone else.

Building muscle and losing fat at the same time IS tougher than a traditional bulking… Read more… - - - - - - -

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