Reverse Your Genes – Reveal Your Abs

Reverse Your Genes - Reveal Your Abs

read moreATTENTION! If you suffer from "fat genes", this may be the most important article you’ve ever read…

Have you ever looked in the mirror at your stubborn gut and thought “I must have bad genes or something.”

If you’ve ever felt like you were victim to your genes, then keep reading.  I’m going to show you a new kind of training that will actually reverse your genes and carve ripped abs.

This new training will effectively flip your fat genes “off” and melt away the ugly belly fat that’s hiding your six pack.

Not only that, but you’ll actually build muscle and burn fat at the same time – the Holy Grail of exercise! Which means you can have the best of both worlds.

When he came to me, Scott was a soft 172 lbs and he was only 5’7” – I’m sure you can imagine.

He said he’d tried all the popular workouts he saw on TV and the magazines, but his gut wouldn’t budge.  He was tired of having to hide behind big t-shirts at the beach.  He was tired of feeling like he could never outwork his genes.

His face fell and he looked away because he thought there was no hope.  And he replied “Bro, I have bad genes, so I’m doomed.”

You see, Scott had been searching for answers on how to get a six pack.  He thought it was calories, so he cut his calories and ate rabbit food.

He thought it was more crunches and ab exercises so he almost threw his back out doing 1000’s of crunches.

Then I showed him a new kind of training that would change his life.  A new kind of training that would actually reverse his genes – and leave him ripped for life.

At first, he didn’t believe me.  He thought there was no way to reverse his genes.  He was born with them, so he’d be fat for life right?

Within weeks, he dropped 3 inches off his waist.  Scott couldn’t believe the progress he was making so quickly.  After all the time and effort he had put in previously and nothing had worked – to now, watching his body fat drop like a rock.

As he began to see results, Scott dedicated himself to more training. He could see his abs showing through faster than he thought possible.

Scott, who had come to me in desperation just a few weeks earlier, now had a six pack for the first time in his life.  He had achieved his dream.

Before all of this, Scott was just like you.  He was ashamed of his body and it caused him to have low self-esteem.  I hardly saw him smile and when he did, it was forced.

He smiled more. He walked with more confidence.  He spoke with authority and commanded respect from the guys around him.

Now YOU can get compliments when you take your shirt off.  You can walk around with confidence and command respect from every person you meet.

Just imagine going to the beach and being thrilled to take your shirt off.  Then watching groups of girls walk down the beach and stare at you with huge smiles on their faces.

I’ve gone to water parks before and been one of only a few guys there with a six pack.  I can tell you personally that it’s a SPECIAL feeling to walk around with your hot girlfriend while all the other guys have their t-shirts on – and their girl is checking you out!

Since working with Scott over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients get the body of their dreams.  It all starts with exposing a couple of lies the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know…

You can’t cook up a perfect set of ripped abs, no matter what the recipe.  If you could order them at a restaurant, everyone would have a six pack.

You may drop the weight initially, but you can be skinny and not have a six pack – and that sucks.

When all you do is drop your calories without training… Read more…

Reverse Your Genes - Reveal Your Abs
Reverse Your Genes - Reveal Your Abs
Reverse Your Genes - Reveal Your Abs
Reverse Your Genes - Reveal Your Abs
Reverse Your Genes - Reveal Your Abs

Reverse Your Genes - Reveal Your Abs

Reverse Your Genes - Reveal Your Abs

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