Pilates Ebook -Pilates Relief for Back and Joint Pain

read moreThe new revised Pilates Ebook offers you 30 more detailed pictures and modifications on the Classic Exercises along with Pilates Principles and Standing Posture and Balance Exercises.

You are about to learn the exercises that I have been experimenting and testing on my own students for over 15 years.

These back and joint exercises have been found to be most beneficial in relieving back and joint pain from activities of daily living, or even from degenerative conditions in the spine and from arthritis.

If you have been trying for years to overcome painful back and joints and have been doing the wrong back and joint strengthening exercises then you need to try the exercises in this Pilates Ebook.

Pilates is a corrective, rehabilitative form of exercise that was developed for just that purpose; to improve our body’s functioning by bringing it back into a natural state.

Proof that it is possible to do Pilates and benefit from it at every age; if you start at the correct level and progress gradually.

"The results really are amazing! My fibromyalgia pain is down, flexibility and strength are up improving my balance…even my sleep has improved. This is something I recommend to everyone." — Judy Jones, Age 62

"I absolutely need gentle core movement to keep flexibility in my back because of chronic sciatic and lower back pain. After months of taking Pilates, I hate to miss any of my classes because I always feel better after doing them.” “I also have Osteoporosis and use the modifications outlined by Jennifer to protect my bones from further stresses." — Jane Lovatt, Age 75

"Through Pilates I have better posture and balance. I also notice increased energy and endurance to do my day to day activities." — Sandy Rudich, Age 63

"Incorporating the Pilates fundamentals into my strength training workouts has greatly improved my form and technique. It makes me more aware of how I move and breathe, helping me to protect my back and joints by using my muscles in the correct way." — Dave Lorimer, Age 67

"Pilates has improved my balance and joint pain. I feel stronger and more graceful when I move." — Bill Tyndall, Age 84

"I have always had a weak and sore back and I hate to do the exercises on my stomach, but I realize these are the most helpful. Since doing Pilates regularly I notice my posture has improved, I stand taller and my back does not ache like it used to." — Christine McCoy, Age 46

"As a flight attendant for years I was on my feet all day and sometime in my career I herniated a disc in my back. I have not had surgery and notice that when I do my Pilates exercises it does not act up like it used to do. I am a tall thin person and I notice I stand straighter which makes me look younger than I am." — Margaret Nabilek, Age 62

Hello! My name is Jennifer Adolfs M.S.S., and I am the founder of the website www.Pilates-back-joint-exercise.com.

I am an advanced mat and equipment certified Pilates Instructor through the PhysicalMind Institute, they have progressed Pilates original work and believe in training people in the neutral spine technique.

It takes into account the natural curves of the spine and strengthens them in this state allowing the body to function naturally and without pain.

I am also certified through the American Council on Exercise as a Clinical Exercise Specialist and have worked extensively with special populations to rehabilitate spine and joint, as well as other health related conditions.

Working as an Exercise Specialist for over 16 years I have found the benefits of regular exercise, particularly weight-bearing exercise and the amazing results, especially for my senior clientele.

Their mobility and strength have improved dramatically which, in turn, assists in their independent living.

All my students were functioning well and getting stronger and staying healthy and injury free, but some were still experiencing pain and stiffness in their back and joints.

Most of these aches and pains can be attributed to degenerative spine conditions and arthritis that seem to be inevitable as we age, but I… Read more…

Pilates Ebook -Pilates Relief For Back And Joint Pain
Pilates Ebook -Pilates Relief For Back And Joint Pain
Pilates Ebook -Pilates Relief For Back And Joint Pain
Pilates Ebook -Pilates Relief For Back And Joint Pain
Pilates Ebook -Pilates Relief For Back And Joint Pain

Pilates Ebook -Pilates Relief For Back And Joint Pain

Pilates Ebook -Pilates Relief For Back And Joint Pain

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