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read moreSo you can avoid wasting up to 15 hours of unpaid work & precious family time searching the net for new ideas…

In this letter I am going to reveal how, by using a simple workout system, you can keep your clients happy, engaged, getting results & referring their friends.

After a gruelling stint behind enemy lines toughing it out as a Royal Marine Commando, I hung up my rifle to pursue my passion in becoming a bootcamp instructor just like you.

But before I could really get going, I was almost forced to throw in the towel and admit defeat, because…

I had been running bootcamp sessions for some time & I can become ‘famous’ in my town for providing fun, exciting & ‘addictive’ workouts that meant I had people coming to my camps from far & wide.

It was a great time, and I loved taking the sessions too. It was always a laugh…. The campers thrived on never knowing what was coming at the next session & it kept them coming back for more.

I spent hours on the internet searching for a solution. I even invested in bootcamp workout products. But nothing I found got me excited. In fact……

I spent a lot of money on products that claimed to have the solution yet were, in reality, just lists of boring exercises….

I was sick to death of the workouts that I was seeing on the internet that had NO interest in the longevity of my business, my clients or their overall health.

It seemed like every free workout I found on the internet, or bootcamp ‘manual’ I invested in simply contained lists of boring exercises that I KNEW wouldn’t get my clients the results they desired. What’s more, when I looked through the ideas i found I just thought "guaranteed way to burn out & injur my clients". 

If I used these ideas, it was just going to kill my business. I refused to use these regimens that were just going to wear my clients out.

I knew something had to change, I was stressed out, spending less & less quality time with my family & to be honest, I wanted to chuck in the towel. It all seemed like too much hard work. 

Sure, my bootcamp was a ‘success’ but it was taking me twice as long to plan my sessions as it was to deliver them. Not to mention the headspace real-estate & stress involved!

But it wasn’t my nature to give in, so after a lengthy brain storming session, I came up with a solution….

Which turned out to be A Wickedly Effective way to design fun and exciting team focused workouts in a flash…

Here’s how I did it… One day when I was staring at a blank piece of paper, agonizing over what I was going to do at my bootcamp session, I thought I would flip back through my old session plans. Over the previous months I had kept my written session plans. Every single one.

I had always tried to keep every session interesting by splitting it in to 3-4 sections with a ‘mini-workout’ within each section. I used games, finisher drills, partner challenges, team circuits, fitness tests etc. This was the training style that my clients loved.  When I first started out, my sessions had been incredible! I just needed to recreate these fun-packed workouts again. But how? Suddenly it dawned on me….. With all the sessions I had done, I had literally hundreds of these mini-drills. Each one already tried & tested; (some of them more successful than others!) So, what if I took these mini-workouts, all 100 or more of them, and combined them in totally different ways so I always had an amazing workout as and when I wanted it. So I tried it… The session went down a storm! So just to check it wasn’t a fluke, I tried it again. RESULT! So I began to sort out all my written workouts; categorizing them and putting them in to manuals. Team Games, Partner Challenges, Team Challenges, Team Circuits….. I had so many ideas!

The secret to bootcamp success has nothing to do with what they teach you… Read more…

My Awesome Landing Page
My Awesome Landing Page
My Awesome Landing Page
My Awesome Landing Page
My Awesome Landing Page

My Awesome Landing Page

My Awesome Landing Page

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