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read moreMore and more people are seeing these changes before they are even 30, but most people will see the biggest changes once they reach 35.

Being over 35 is no reason why you can’t have a body that would make most 25 year olds green with envy.

My wife Grace and I are in our mid 40’s and we are both in the best shape of our lives. People are often shocked when we reveal our true age. They always want to know what our secret is.

The truth is…there is no secret. Staying lean, toned and youthful isn’t about magical pills or potions. It can only be done on a hormonal & cellular level.

But first, you need to understand which forms of exercising actually promote fat gain and accelerate aging.

Gyms everywhere are full of overweight people huffing and puffing on treadmills and elliptical machines. If doing long steady cardio worked then why does their body composition rarely seem to change?

It may work initially but your body will easily adapt to your cardio sessions within a short couple weeks of starting by lowering your metabolism.

That’s why you hear so many people complain about gaining weight even though their doing tons of cardio on a restricted diet.

A measure of his metabolic rated indicated he was 28% below predicted for age, height, weight, and gender.

The study concluded that the combination of excessive aerobic exercise coupled with drastic reductions in caloric intake can result in a major shift in body composition, with fat loss rates slowed and muscle loss rates accelerated.

If you’ve observed that many endurance athletes have more wrinkles and age faster than most, it’s no coincidence…

For decades, we’ve been blindly following workout programs that were initially designed for bodybuilders whose goals are to pack on extraordinary thick slabs of muscle.

Remember bodybuilders can tolerate excessive amounts of exercise because of their use of dangerous of supplements.

Yet time and time again you see people who continually subject their bodies through hour-long grueling workouts-doing some 12-15 sets per body part.

Remember most of your results happen in the recovery phase NOT when you are working out. And if your over-trained which most people are-either nothing will happen or you will get negative results.

So instead of trying to kill yourself by seeing how much exercise your body can tolerate- why not only give your body the exact amount of exercise it needs to get you amazing results?

The biggest mistake you can make is  thinking that cardio or lifting weights is what changes your body. If that were the case, there would be a lot more fit looking people walking around the gym.

Simply moving a weight from point A to point B is not necessarily going to equate to muscle tone. It’s the intensity of your workouts that drives the change.

Training with intensity involves tearing  down your muscle tissue during the exercise which your body is then forced to repair. This repair process has incredible fat-burning potential.  You’ll be burning fat just going about your everyday life while your body repairs the muscle damage.

But more importantly, when you workout with enough intensity you are also stimulating your YOUTH hormones known as HGH.

1. Dramatically improves muscle tone 2. Firms your skin and reduces wrinkles 3. Boosts your energy and sexual desire 4. Improves athletic speed and performance 5. Repairs muscle

Remember, the higher your levels of growth hormone, the healthier, vibrant and stronger you’re going to be.

Unfortunately, many women want to avoid lifting with intensity because they’re generally don’t understand all the amazing benefits.

But if you are finally willing to do what it takes to get in your best shape while turning back the hands of time.

And understand all the things you shouldn’t be doing, go to the next page to learn all the things you SHOULD be doing to build shapely muscle, lose ugly body fat, and reverse aging. Read more…

3 Mistakes —
3 Mistakes —
3 Mistakes —
3 Mistakes —
3 Mistakes —

3 Mistakes —

3 Mistakes —

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