The Weight Loss Attitude –

The Weight Loss Attitude -

read moreRecent social studies show that 76% of women would like to lose some weight at any given moment. If it was just down to diet and exercise, that percentage would NOT be anywhere near as high.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to treat you like an idiot and pile on the emotional stuff about how frustrating it is for you lose weight, how you get upset about the image you see in the mirror, or the constant struggle with fitting in to your favorite clothes… You’ve heard all that stuff before.

What I will say is that a lot of the technicalities of losing weight from personal trainers, dieticians, or even your doctor are actually right.

This is pretty much what every decent training program and nutritional guide will tell you, rarely is there any variation from this theme.

There is something fundamental missing from every weight loss plan I’ve come across and it’s something that really is the make or break with most people; the difference between success and failure.

Whilst you’ll get all the nuts and bolts of what to do, most weight loss programs don’t address your

Anna is one of Europe’s most sought after Mind Coaches.  She uses NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Hypnosis and cutting edge personal development tools to help people just like you make quick and lasting physical and mental transformations. Anna is a former health & fitness trainer who walks the talk.

She went from suffering from anorexia and bulimia to being a body builder, from being an aerobics teacher to coaching up and coming athletes such as Ruth, who went from losing 3 stone, to becoming a fitness trainer, to being the first Irish woman to complete the Polar Circle marathon.

It was physically draining from the mud and the rain so I really needed to draw on the techniques you taught me when my legs started to fail, I needed to really dig deep and push on and complete the challenge!

The exercises in this program are excellent to boost your motivation and get you thinking along the right lines. It helps you take one easy step at a time, so it all doesn’t seem so impossible. It’s only 4 weeks, it keeps you on your toes, and it’s your personal coach right there, in work, on your couch, in the coffee shop, or wherever you check your e-mails. You’re our conscience, encouraging and motivating us.

Anna doesn’t train people’s bodies any more, she trains their minds, achieving mind blowing results that simply baffle most other  fitness experts who struggle to get ANY results with their clients at all, let alone the consistent and sustainable results that Anna gets with hers!

As a Coach accredited and highly recommended by the IINLP and The Society of NLP, she coaches exclusively online, as well as teaching seminars on how to build up self-confidence and how to get motivated to achieve your goals.

Brian Colbert, Co-founder of The Irish Institute of NLP and Author of the bestselling book The Happiness Habit

“Anna is excellent at helping people focus on their goals and achieve them. Her expertise lies in her ability to motivate people successfully while helping them change their behaviour permanently”

Anna has developed a revolutionary new program that at last stops you failing at the first hurdle with your weight loss efforts… no more self-sabotage or falling off the wagon.

The Weight Loss Attitude is a specialist online coaching program designed for people like you who want to lose weight and have tried everything in the past with little or no results. You may even have followed a specific nutrition and workout program before and lost weight, only to put it all or a lot of it back on.

WLA is designed to help you break through the psychological barriers that led you to self-sabotage and fail in the past, and provide you with the mind tools you need to help you lose weight, get healthy, and take your fitness to new heights… whilst boosting your self-belief and confidence, and firing up… Read more…

The Weight Loss Attitude -
The Weight Loss Attitude -
The Weight Loss Attitude -
The Weight Loss Attitude -
The Weight Loss Attitude -

The Weight Loss Attitude -

The Weight Loss Attitude -

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