The How To Be Happier Diet

read moreHello Again, My Name Is Lyndell. Using Some Of My Warped Sense Of Humour & My Little Bee Friends I Would Like To Show You –

20 years ago my life tipped upside down and I did not have any coping skills to know how to deal with the stress and trauma that I was going through.

I was then blessed to be shown some simple, effective, natural, drug free coping techniques that saved my life, my sanity and my family.

I use them every day for myself and have been able to help many people to let go of the hurts and emotional pains that have allowed them to find peace, harmony and a happier life.

I decided to create “The How To Be Happier Diet” a few years ago when I was again struggling to fight my own personal battle of the bulge.

I really was over dealing with the deprivation, and all of the failure, depression, hits to my self esteem and emotional turmoil that accompanies failed ”weight loss” attempts.

Then, once day, I decided to give up battling with my body and staging constant war with it to keep my weight under control.

If I couldn’t have the body that I wanted, I was going to at least come to peace with it and be happy, no matter what.

I ate whatever I wanted to and dealt with any emotional issues that came up for me that made me lose my focus and motivation.

When I dealt with how I was feeling within any stressful moment, I found that I no longer reached for my life long, best friend and comforter “FOOD”.

Within a very short time, I was looking for healthier food choices and going for walks, just for the pure pleasure of it.

I gradually started to easily reduce the extra body fat that I had been carrying and I was more comfortable in my body.

I attended a local weight loss challenge for some support and found that most of the group were struggling with their stresses. I realised, after many chats, that they didn’t have the tools to cope with their emotional issues and really didn’t understand what they were eating.

So, I set about writing “ The How To Be Happier Diet” ebook and now have made it available so that YOU can have these powerful coping strategies too.

I have included over 4 hours of audios and videos so that you can follow along in the emotional release techniques and meditations.

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then this book may help YOU find the steps to a happier life.

* Does thinking about a person, place or event bring back memories and feelings that make you feel as it is happening again, right now?

* Would you like to let go of your hurts, pains, shame, guilt, fear, anger, sadness, grief, limiting beliefs, emotional baggage and stresses?

Would you like to UNDERSTAND YOUR EMOTIONS and be able to MANAGE them instead of BEING AT THEIR MERCY

* Have you tried to run, hide, or suppress your intense feelings with food, alcohol, smoking, drugging, or even worse, with no lasting relief ?

In “The How To Be Happier Diet” I will show you effective steps to take, to help you understand and manage your emotions.

I have included many and varied, gentle, effective, drug free and simple techniques, for the ladies and the gents- with audios or videos as guides.

* How to set realistic goals and how to find, clear and reprogram any limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back from the life you truly desire and deserve.

* Understand what your emotions are and be able to have coping strategies to help you manage them.

* Have the tools to help you deal with the stresses and challenges that life will put on your path and

Thank you so much for your valuable time. I would like to share a relaxation mediation with you as a thank you gift.

I have prepared over 4 hours of audio and video content available throughout each section to guide you.

Section A In the introductory section I share my personal story of… Read more…

The How To Be Happier Diet
The How To Be Happier Diet

The How To Be Happier Diet

The How To Be Happier Diet

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