Psych Yourself Thin by David Brown

read moreThis little-known study – that never made it into mass media – exposes the ugly truth behind the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry:

4 out of 5 people who follow the mainstream weight loss advice…will NEVER get that lean body we all want so bad – no matter how confident they feel about their weight loss plans.

This discovery makes it pretty obvious – if you want to stand a fighting chance at the "unbeatable" weight loss game, you need to stop doing what everybody else is doing.

You need a better weight loss strategy…one that’s easy enough for you to actually stick to…but still powerful enough to give you meaningful results.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before – you need lots of willpower to get rid of that stubborn body fat…you have to practice self-control and learn how to discipline yourself around food…

But what if I told you – no, what if I could prove it to you – that all that willpower and self-discipline talk is little short of complete nonsense?

Just take a look at this study – scientists have not only proven that most people who rely on their willpower to lose weight fail pretty miserably – but that a much better way exists…

This unknown, yet highly effective weight loss strategy – that has been scientifically proven to give you much better weight loss results than any of that willpower nonsense – is called…

Behavioral therapy is just a complicated word for a bunch of simple psychological tricks and strategies that can give you that "edge"…that advantage over 80% of people who will NEVER be able to get rid of that stubborn body fat.

Because lifelong habits…they will not only help you get rid of that annoying body fat – they are the only thing in this world that can guarantee you’ll actually keep it off.

The only problem is – and I’m sure you already know this from your own experience – unless you really know what you’re doing, your bad habits can be incredibly tough to break.

My own weight problems forced me to research why it was so impossible for me to give up on the foods I knew were making me fat, sick & tired. After more than a decade of studying human behavior around food…I can show you exactly why you keep failing to break your bad eating habits…and how to build better ones.

What if I tried to convince you, that you can survive running a marathon with absolutely no prior training?

Then how come you let other people convince you, that you can just dive into a strict weight loss diet with absolutely no prior mental training?

Learning how to stop eating the foods you love the most (without losing your mind in the process) is nothing but another skill.

And just like any other skill, you can become really good at this one as well (if only you’re willing to spend some time practicing it).

"I found your book to be extremely useful! A lot of things just ‘clicked’ for me after finishing Psych Yourself Thin. I’ve been applying the principles in the book not only in my life, but in the lives of my clients as well – because most of them (if not all of them) struggle in their relationships with food. "

I know this sounds to good to be true (because most of the time it really is). But during my research into the psychology behind human eating habits, I actually made an amazing breakthrough.

My discovery was so simple, that I was shocked even the greatest minds of the weight loss industry didn’t think of this before (at least not to my knowledge).

If I was making up lies about what’s really in my book, I would quickly be facing criminal charges for false advertising (or worse).

I know there’s pretty much nothing I can say to prove what I’m saying is true, so how about this?

What is complete control over what you eat, and more importantly, over the junk you will no longer be eating, worth to you?

What is more energy, better looks, improved health, and being able to better connect with… Read more…

Psych Yourself Thin By David Brown
Psych Yourself Thin By David Brown
Psych Yourself Thin By David Brown
Psych Yourself Thin By David Brown
Psych Yourself Thin By David Brown

Psych Yourself Thin By David Brown

Psych Yourself Thin By David Brown

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