Power of Thin :: Steve G. Jones & Frank Mangano

Power Of Thin :: Steve G. Jones & Frank Mangano

read moreDo you want to lose weight, feel better and achieve optimal health, but seem to keep falling on your face every time you try?

Have you tried every diet, weight loss system or exercise program known to man only to wind up experiencing short lived results, if any at all?

My guess is that you’ve either answered yes to one of these questions or you simply just want to lose weight which is why you’ve arrived at this website in the first place.

I’m also willing to bet you may have come across a website or product that may seem a little similar to this at some point which claimed to be the “miracle” program. They accidently stumbled across or discovered the only resource that you ever need to get in shape and get healthy.

If it doesn’t, then turn on your TV around 2 a.m. on any given weeknight and you’ll be exposed to a barrage of infomercials aimed at coercing you into believing that same story that every weight loss giant…..has been using to victimize people for decades.

But Make No Mistake, What You Are About To Be Exposed To Here Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen, Heard Or Experienced Before!

Other than working for myself, selling fitness is the only type of “job” that I’ve been interested in and the reason why is simple; everyone needs it.

With the exception of those who have a death wish, are clinically insane or simply don’t care about their quality of life, everyone wants to either:

But why I chose to get into fitness really doesn’t matter. What does matter is what I learned along the way about the diet and weight loss industry.

You see, being in the industry for more than a decade enables you to see a lot of things; and I have seen just about everything (including the stuff that “they” don’t want me to open my mouth about…. more on that in a moment).

And I’ve even seen people lose a little bit of weight and then gain back twice or even three times the amount that they lost, only to wind up even more unhealthy and depressed than they were to begin with.

“So what is it that separates those who lose weight and keep it off for good from those who do not?”

First, the process of changing your body or state of health must begin from within. If it does not, you are doomed from the start.

Secondly, those external sources have to be accurate because if they’re not, you’ll be investing all of your time and energy in resources that can’t help you.

Now, what I just shared with you (as simple as it sounds) is the real key to achieving any goal related to fitness.

What I’m About To Share With You Next Is Why Even People Who Follow Those Rules Still Fail And What To Do About It…

Realize this: Simple economics states that when there is a high supply for something and little demand, that something has little worth.

The weight loss and diet industry is as big as it’s ever been today. In fact, it’s even bigger which means more and more people are turning to products aimed at either getting them to lose weight or simply to help them get healthier.

Ironically however, the rate of obesity is higher than it’s ever been as well. And it’s not getting any better.

Now if theoretically, one of these so called “miracle products” were to actually work in the magical way that they claim to, what would happen?

Then there would be an even bigger demand for the product….until more and more people get into shape.

Therefore, The Only Way To Keep The Cycle Going Is To Keep The Demand High Without Really Providing Results!

And the big wigs sitting in the corporate offices of these companies at their mahogany desks planning their weekend getaways know this tactic all too well.

It’s the tactic that has made them, along with every other weight loss product… Read more…

Power Of Thin :: Steve G. Jones & Frank Mangano
Power Of Thin :: Steve G. Jones & Frank Mangano
Power Of Thin :: Steve G. Jones & Frank Mangano
Power Of Thin :: Steve G. Jones & Frank Mangano
Power Of Thin :: Steve G. Jones & Frank Mangano

Power Of Thin :: Steve G. Jones & Frank Mangano

Power Of Thin :: Steve G. Jones & Frank Mangano

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