Get At The Roots Program

read moreA no fad, nutritionally focused program that helps you understand the root cause of your weight gain so you can address the real problem, get healthy, and maintain your results!

Contradicting nutrition information and advice is everywhere. Who do you believe and who’s right?!

Most people don’t know this about me, but I was obsessive about my weight when I was younger.  I did not have a healthy relationship with food or my body. I may have thought I was eating healthy but little did I know I was creating an internal disaster with my body systems that would soon backfire on me…big time. I started to develop health issues and overtime my symptoms began to worsen and continued into college. This later led to me developing hormonal imbalances, gallbladder attacks, digestive issues and thyroid problems by the time I was 23.  I had to run everyday at least 5 miles just to make sure I kept any weight off. This eventually took a toll on my adrenals and lead to a larger hormone imbalance. 

Going through my undergrad in nutrition and continuing to pursue a career in integrative medicine while maintaining a full time practice taught me more than I ever thought I would know on how to support and nourish the body. With this, I have learned that weight loss is a symptom of a greater imbalance happening internally rather than something that needs to be isolated. The body naturally loses weight when it’s healthy, and this is the only way weight can truly be stable. 

Battling with weight gain is extremely frustrating, but that’s only because it’s addressed all wrong.

I’ve done the craziest things to lose weight, and this is why I know this is the only way to truly get control of your weight and your health.  In the Get At The Roots Program, I can help navigate you through the underlying causes of weight gain so that in 12 weeks you will be on your way to becoming an expert that’s also living proof of what it takes to really lose weight and keep it off. This is what the Get At The Roots program can do for you: 

Before starting this program I was at my heaviest, had crazy cravings for sugar and felt tired all the time. I couldn’t believe the changes that took place within the first few weeks of implementing the information I learned. I went into the program thinking I just wanted to lose weight (which I certainly did), but came out of it with a new body, inside and out. My PMS symptoms disappeared, sleep improved, headaches stopped, my skin was glowing, my digestion improved tremendously, and of course I lost more than 20 pounds! The information in the Get At The Roots program is invaluable and truly was a life saver for myself.”

After having my second child, the weight did not want to budge. Even after breast feeding, my body just wasn’t the same. I still had an extra 15 pounds I wanted to lose. When I saw the Get At The Roots Program I thought I would give it a try. I thought I was eating healthy like most people, but it turned out I was eating specific foods in amounts that were affecting my blood sugar, holding me back from losing the weight, but also making me extra tired (especially having to care for a newborn and a 3 year old!)  Going through the program enlightened me so much on how I should be eating for energy and weight maintenance. I have now lost all the weight and continue to implement the knowledge I gained in my own life and for my family!    

My husband and I did the program together and were so enlightened about what we should be eating to lose weight. We were able to cook and support one another throughout the entire process which was very important to us. We each lost more than 20 pounds, but the real success was being able to carry on this information in our current lives and maintain a diet that we know is nourishing our bodies and… Read more…

Get At The Roots Program

Get At The Roots Program

Get At The Roots Program

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