8 Week Body Blitz

read moreSome people may judge, or shake their head in disbelief however after 12 years in this amazing industry i reached a point last year when I burnt out and spent 2 weeks on the couch. If you are a Personal Trainer for longer than 6-8+ years straight you might be able to relate.

PS. Remember its not what happens to you or getting knocked down its GETTING BACK UP and TAKING ACTION right NOW!

You Have My Personal Guarantee That You Will Lose Body Fat and FEEL Healthier & more Energetic after 8 weeks!

If you choose for additional accountability you can have 2 free consultations with one of our Expert Coaches anywhere in the world over the phone or Skype to get you started and answer any questions you may have personally. For a limited time, when you purchase The 8 Week Body Blitz Program, you’ll get aFREE copy of everything above to ensure that you not only get results in the program YOU Also continue with your results and maintain a slimmer, trimmer you after the 8 weeks!

The 8 Week Body Blitz is the creation of Jason Grossman who has been in the Health and Wellness Industry for 13 years and has worked with thousands of people worldwide to lose weight through Online Personal Training, Meal Plans, Fitness Programs and the popular Mental Vitamins program. Jason has taken all the learning and successes over the past 13 years in which he has helped people lose thousands of kilos to create quite possibly the most results driven and powerful Fat LOSS Program in the world!

The 8 Week Body Blitz offers people, who want to lose weight, tone up or achieve any body transformation you desire by focusing on the following elements:

Meal Plans and Recipe Library: Having an easy to follow Meal Plan by an expert and to be organised and save time in preparation to increase your metabolism, burn more fat while you are sleeping and optimize your hormones.

Fitness Programs and Exercise Video Library: Have fitness programs created for you exercise by exercise and rep by rep, by an expert to increase your strength, fitness and muscles tone, will mean you know exactly what you are doing and effectively.

Accountability: If you have ever started but not finished this is the reason why! By offering numerous support groups including a VIP 24/7 group with unlimited access to our expert coaches and also full access to our app to monitor all your food, training, measurements, results, weight and more will guarantee you lose that unwanted body fat.

Tracking: With the Quantum Vitality Online Personal Training Program we use an Iphone App to monitor your food intake, training and assessments including before and after photos, measurements and weigh ins. By tracking everything you can work 1 on 1 with your online personal trainer to ensure the plan for you is working and make necessary changes all whilst keeping you accountable. You will also have the ability the network with everyone else in the program through the app which can be accessed online or on any iphone or smart phone.

Online Health Retreat: Have complete access to the Facebook VI Group with additional recipes, exercise routines and motivation all whilst communicating with others in the program for additional support and motivation.

Mental Vitamins: Finally We work with you to break through any psychological barriers, limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging patterns you may have had that were up until now, stopping you from achieving your results. So not only will we guarantee your results and you will lose weight BUT you will also keep it off! We use the most scientific and cutting edge technologies to work with you personally on re-imprinting belief systems, values and breaking old habits to guarantee not only do you create your lifestyle you desire through nutrition and exercise but you also become an athlete of the mind.

If you think about that in terms of getting the body you want in 8 weeks, this comes out to only $1.23 cents per day for 8 weeks! Come on now… even your morning coffee or tea costs more than $1.23 cents… Read more…

8 Week Body Blitz
8 Week Body Blitz

8 Week Body Blitz

8 Week Body Blitz

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